We received a number of messages from followers asking the same question, “Who are you?”

If we listed all the people behind this project, you would get tired of reading the names. The manifesto started out as as an idea, it then moved into a conversation with dozens of people, a few people wrote a draft and asked for feedback from a dozen others, and then we printed it. If you like the manifesto, then it is likely we stole language from you at some point in your lifetime. So, thanks.

We know that if we started to list names, then the manifesto would be tied to personalities and that isn’t our goal. The original motivation behind it was simple: let’s put the language on paper and distribute it so that everyone who identifies with it can literally own it. We do not want the “who is behind it” to become a barrier to accepting it.

When we refer to “transparency” in the manifesto, we believe that everyone should operate in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. We think we are transparent: Dozens of people wrote a manifesto. No one wants credit for it. No one is getting rich. You own it now. Do something amazing.