We will make Colorado Springs an insanely great place to live. Who are we? We are change agents. We are a creative and curious class of doers and entrepreneurs who challenge the status quo. We eschew hierarchy. We are visionary leaders who inspire and take action with civility, humility, and transparency. We vote for people and issues that move us forward. We are hungry and we are foolish. And this is what we believe: we believe in taking risks. We are original, inclusive, and eccentric. We crave a constant culture overdose. We support local. We live a low-impact lifestyle. We will leave this city better than we found it. We seek balance, flexibility, and innovative places to work. We believe in ourselves, our strengths, our community, and in this new identity. We celebrate success AND failure. We believe in respectful disagreement in pursuit of visionary greatness. What will we do? We will create a thriving downtown. We will create innovative companies and hire creative people. We will end this community’s brain drain. And we hereby declare a new era in which radical optimism, possibility, progress, and vision make this community awesome. Great cities are not built by men in suits. It’s our turn and we intend to take it.