It’s time. It’s time for a revolution.
It’s time to take our city back and make it great.
It’s time for you to lead.
It’s time to take risks.
It’s time for city pride.
It’s time to take responsibility for the changes you want to make.
It’s time for a manifesto.

It’s also time to…

1. Own the manifesto.

2. Order a manifesto poster and hang it up in your office, your front window, and your child’s bedroom. Contact cosmanifesto@gmail.com to order your own 18”x24” printed poster.

3. Check out the downloads and get creative.

4. Share the love by posting it to your Facebook page, liking the Colorado Springs Manifesto Project, and telling us what you’re doing to live up to the manifesto.

5. Tell your friends and neighbors why you believe in the manifesto and what you are going to do about it.

6. Give a copy of the manifesto to your boss and coworkers.

7. Demand something different …and then lead it.

8. Start a new business or implement a great idea.

9. Support someone’s great idea by giving them money and other resources to make it happen.

10. Give young people a reason to stay here.